Facts About Me Tag! & Liebster Award // Tag Cosas Sobre Mí y Premio Liebster

I wanted to write this post before the year ended to say thank you to H and Liset! I've been nominated for the "Facts about Me Tag" (by H from H Beauty Xo, you can read hers here!) and also for my second "Liebster Award" (by Liset from LissiYeceniaa, you can see hers here!)

For the tag I needed to say 21 random facts about me and for the Liebster Award I have to say 11 things about me so I've done the twenty-one all together for both. Again I want to thank you so so much girls! :) At the end I'll nominate two persons for the "Facts about Me Tag" and other eleven for the Liebster Award and will write down the rules! Kisses


1. I love (love love) carrot cake.

2. I also like red velvet cupcakes (they're my favorites).

3. One of the first concerts I've ever been to was the Spice Girls. (I sometimes still listen again to their songs and remember the nineties!)

4. I would love to travel to Australia. It seems like an amazing place!

5. The eyeliner I usually wear is the Stylo Yeaux Waterproof in Noir Intense by Chanel. Before that one was released I used the same but in Ebene.

6. I've never seen the whole Friends show until last year when I saw all the seasons and even though I already knew how it ended, I couldn't help but cry! I didn't want it to end!

7. I was blonde for 7 years and then I went back to being a brunette before I went to Sweden. (I haven't changed my hair color back to blonde since then).

8. Apart from blonde I've never dyed my hair in any other color.

9. The drink I like the most from Starbucks is the White Chocolate Mocha.

10. I learnt how to belly dance (a bit) many years ago but I still can remember some moves.

11. My favorite game ever is The Sims. I've played with them since the first one was released in 2000 (so many years have passed!)

12. I would really like to buy a pair of Loboutin shoes, exactly the Pigalle in patent black. Maybe someday... until then I'll keep on dreaming!

13. I've never gotten a broken bone (and I wish I never will!)

14. I took piano lessons for three years when I was younger.

15. Almost every year during these holidays I watch Love Actually with my family.

16. Apart from English I also know some French. (I studied it during highschool and again two years ago to refresh it a bit).

17. I've never been stung by a bee, so everytime I see one I try to stay away from it because I don't want to know how it feels like!

18. I lived in Madrid for a year. (It's an amazing city full of things to do and see!)

19. The first fashion blog I've ever read was The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni (and I still read it).

20. The first time I wore makeup I just wore black eyeliner in the waterline.

21. Orchid is my favorite flower.

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FACTS ABOUT ME TAG RULES: Write down 21 thing about yourself. This tag was created to know each other better and learn a bit more about the people writing all the blogs. Don't make it too complicated, this is about having fun!


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4 Ways to Upgrade the Classic Red Lipstick // 4 Formas de Actualizar el Clásico Rojo de Labios

This is the season where the classic red lip is the king of all the festive looks. If you're planning on wearing your most loved red lipstick for New Year's Eve but you're a bit tired of the plain classic look, here I bring you five different ideas to upgrade it a little bit and refresh your look. You can wear these all year long, just grab your signature red and follow the steps!
I'm wearing one of my go-to red lips combo. To achieve it I use the Lip Pencil in Cherry by M·A·C and the Color Sensational Lipstick in Lady Red (527) by Maybelline. I'll put all the links to the products at the end of the post.
The first upgrade consists on dabbing some gold powder eyeshadow on top of your cupid's bow. I used the Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Gold Gleam by Shiseido. This golden touch will add a lot of light to your lips and you can choose from a small subtle highlight to a much bolder take. This look is based on the one created for John Galliano's Fall/Winter '09 runway.
Using the same eyeshadow as in number two, this look is achieved by dabbing it with your finger all over the lip with soft touches. The gold eyeshadow mixes with the red lipstick and creates soft golden reflections all over the lip. Just like if the lipstick had a metallic finish.
The ombré lipstick effect is a trend that has been around for more than one year now. You can intensify the effect as much as you want but in this case I just made a soft gradient starting with darker corners and going lighter towards the center of the lips. To create this gradient I used the Lipliner Pencil in Plum (812) by NYX and the Lasting Finish Lipstick in Cutting Edge (120) by Rimmel.
The last option is a bit riskier than the other ones. To make this I got inspired by the look the models wore for the Dries Van Noten S/S '15 runway. It's super easy to achieve, juts draw a line with a golden eyeliner on the center of the lower lip and you're ready to go! I used the Liquid Eyeliner in 22 by Inglot. Its felt tip helped me to create the straight line.
I hope you've enjoyed these ideas and you use any of them for your future looks! Do you have more ideas to upgrade the red lips? Do you like this kind of posts? Please tell me in the comments, I would love to hear your opinions! :) Kisses!
Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Gold Gleam by Shiseido (I can't find it anymore but any gold eyeshadow that you have will do) // Try the Eyeshadow in Girls Night Out by Sephora (11,95 €)

Nail Inspiration // Inspiración para Manicuras

Hello ladies! I hope you had some amazing christmas days with all your loved ones! Today is the turn of some mani inspiration I took from Pinterest. You can follow me here. My cousins have come to my hometown to spend some days with the family and this afternoon we are going to have a manicure session at home so I got some ideas of festive nails to get in the mood of the holidays. 

How are you spending these days? Do you like to get some special nail art or you stick to more classic manicures? See you tomorrow! Have fun :) 


¡Hola señoritas! Espero que estéis pasando unos días de Navidad increíbles con vuestros seres queridos. Hoy toca coger inspiración de Pinterest (podéis seguirme aquí) para hacer una manicura. Mis primas han venido a mi ciudad a pasar unos días con la familia y esta tarde vamos a tener una sesión de manicura casera así que he cogido algunas ideas un poco festivas para entrar en el espíritu navideño.

¿Cómo estáis pasando estos dias? ¿Os gusta haceros algún tipo de nail art especial o preferís manicuras clásicas? ¡Nos vemos mañana! Pasadlo bien :)

Beauty Gift Guide // More than 50 €

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you're enjoying some days off with all your loved ones! Today I bring you the last beauty gift guide :) This one is the most expensive of all of them but from what I know these products are really worth the investment.

The first one is the Mia3 brush by Clarisonic. I've never tried it but the reviews of all the Clarisonic products are amazing. The paleta de coloretes de Nars has all its most famous cheek colors in one plus a lovely packaging so it's a win-win! For all those who are obsessed with having perfectly groomed brows this kit from Anastasia is a must! You get everything you need to keep your brows tamed. This kabuki brush by Nars is a favorite of mine, its shape makes it perfect for contouring.

The classic J'adore parfum from Dior smells amazing and it flaçon is simply beautiful and will make your room just a bit more luxurious. The sensor magnifying mirror is great to helping you do your makeup or tweeze your brows with an exact precision. The palette from Marc Jacobs has a sumptuous range of colors and a sleek packaging. The Parisienne is a limited edition but the other ones from the range are as pigmented and smooth as this!

Finally, the styler from ghd, to me this is the jewel of the crown. I've got mine for more than 6 years now and it works like the first day. It makes it so easy to do nice hairstyles! If you get this as a present for anyone they'll thank you forever.

GIFT LIST (as always, click on the name if you want to buy it)

1. Mia3 Sonic Skin Cleansing System by Clarisonic (165 €)

2. Virtual Domination Cheek Palette by Nars (55 €)

3. Brow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills (55 €)

4. Kabuki Brush Ita by Nars (55 €)

5. Eau de Parfum J'adore by Dior (53,80 €)

6. Sensor Mirror by Simplehuman (165 €)

7. Eyeshadow Palette Style Eye-Con No.7 in The Parisienne by Marc Jacobs Beauty (53,50 €)

8. Eclipse Styler by Ghd (200 €)

OTHER BEAUTY GIFT GUIDE POSTS: Under 10€ // Under 20€ // Under 30€ // Under 50€

Tamanna Palette // Anastasia Beverly Hills // Review & Swatches

Let's start another week! Today I bring you the last review of the Black Friday Shopping, I'll do a review on the Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion when I get a breakout so I can give you a full and concrete review of it. This one is about the Tamanna Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills which I got through their website. They designed it with a collaboration with Tamanna Roashan, a makeup artist and recognized beauty blogger, you can chek her web here.

I had seen a lot of beauty bloggers using it and the results were brilliant so I got it at the same time as the Contour Kit to pay just once the shipping costs. It's price: 29$ which is pretty affordable for a palette with 10 different shades in it. It comes in a pretty packaging with a mirror and the step by step instructions to get five different looks (all made by Tamanna).

It measures 7,7 x 14 cm and each shadow weighs with 0,72 grams (a bit more than half of each eyeshadow in the Naked Palette by Urban Decay). The colors are really beautiful, here's a description of each of them, starting on the top row from left to right:

- Fresh: This one has a matte finish and I use it as a highlighter for the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. This one and Chocolate are the only ones that seem a bit chalky to me.

- Blush: A shimmery rosy nude. It's super pigmented and gives a lot of shine to the eye with just one swipe.

- Venezia: This light blue has an iridescent finish and when the light hits it, it gives a green/golden reflection. I don't have anything similar so I really liked it. It's not as pigmented as Blush but it applies smoothly and you can build up its intensity.

- Gilded: As you can see in the picture, this one is super smooth and incredibly pigmented. This shade looks like vintage gold and has a super shiny finish. Its quality is simply outstanding!

- Custom: Not as pigmented as Gilded but still really easy to apply. To me it's like a warm sand tone.

- Sangria: My favorite color of the bunch. Is a garnet shade with pink reflections. Again, smooth and pigmented. And it has a great name! ;)

- Bengal: A brown/orange shade with matte finish. This one applies evenly and is great to create soft brown smokey eyes or to blend darker shades.

- Chocolate: It looks like a rich dark brown on the palette but the pigmentation and the texture is not as good as the other ones so on the skin it looks like a soft chocolate brown.

- China Rose: This one is also a special color like Venezia. It's a dark coral shade that has golden shines when the light hits it. Looks great next to Sangria.

- Noir: As its name says this one is a deep black matte eyeshadow with really small glitter. Is a color that you have to build up because it is not as dark on the skin as it looks in the palette but if you apply two layers it's really bold.

In total it has four matte shades and six shimmery, the second one performed best. I don't see it as an everyday palette but I think is amazing to create bolder looks to go ut or even for the holidays (combining the gold of Gilded and the garnet of Sangria, as I've made in the picture of my eye). I show you the look I recreated from one of the "Get the Look" cards that come in the packaging so you can see how well they perform.

I used Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and then applied the eyeshadows (Fresh, Sangria, Chocolate, Gilded and Noir). Then I applied the Super Skinny Eye Marker eyeliner by NYX and Benefit's They're Real Mascara. And the look lasted for more than 12 hours! So yes, I can assure you that they are super long lasting, at least when applied with a primer.

And that's all I can tell you about it! Do you have anymore questions? Do you like the eyeshadows in the palette? Do you think you would wear this shades? Do you want to see more looks with it? Just tell me in the comments and I'll answer all your questions! Lots of kisses.

Microshadow in Desert // Make Up Store // Review + Swatches

Hello Ladies! This is a super short review of another thing I got during the Black Friday. Is an eyeshadow from the brand Make Up Store that was founded in Sweden and that I knew about when I studied there. In Spain there's only one shop and it's super far from where I live so I bought this one through Beauty Bay.
I chose the Microshadow in Desert because one of my favorite make up artists, Linda Hallberg, uses this one a lot on her looks as a blending shade so I decided to try it out myself. It has a beige/sand tone that matches almost completely my skin (as you can see on the pictures). The texture is silky smooth and has a matte finish.
If you are looking for a superbold and dramatic shadow this might not be for you, but I think is great as a transition or blending shade for creating soft smokey eyes. It costs 16,30 € (I think I got a 30% off, cant remember now). I love the products I've tried of this brand so if you already have something similar to this eyeshadow I encourage you to chek out the other colors. They're lovely!

Did you know about this brand? Have you ever tried their products? Tell me in the comments!
PS. Here's the link to shop it. // Also I've put some Linda Hallberg's looks with this eyeshadow.

Contour Kit // Anastasia Beverly Hills // Product Review

Hello lovelies! I continue the reviews form the Black Friday shopping. Now is the turn of the second product you were more curious about, the Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This will be a long review! I knew about this product because I love Kylie Jenner's makeup (specially her brows and contouring) lately and I looked for the products she usually applies. This was her favourite product for contouring and after thinking about getting it or not I finally went for it because during Black Friday the brand had 25% off in their website.

The kit is really big and you get a lot of product, exactly six different powder shades (3 g/ 0.11 oz each). The price is high, 40$ but if you divide it is around 6,6$ for each shade. The great thing about it is that you can refill the shadows without having to buy the whole palette again. If you buy them separate they cost 14$ each so the palette has a great value if you think about it (it would be 84$!)

Now let's focus on the product itself! It contains the next six shadows (three for highlighting and three for shading) and comes in a sleek black container made of cardboard, which makes it a not too resistant to wear. But it looks pretty and if you take care of it there won't be any further problems:

- Sand: this highlighter is the only shade that has a satin/shimmer finish so I prefer to reserve this for special ocassions. On my skin is almost transparent and juts gives shine to it.

- Vainilla: is the palest highlighting shade. It has a matte finish and is my favorite from the top row.

- Banana: this highlighter is yellower than the other two. This is good for correcting redness.

- Java: to me this is the most common shade because it looks really similar to a bronzer but is completely matte so is really nice for shading.

- Fawn: is the most special shade for me, is a soft brown with a bit of grey undertone which is the perfect shading color for fair skins like mine!

- Havana: this is the darkest one and has red undertones so for my fair skin is a bit too much but probably for summer I'll use it more.
On the web you can find 27 different refills so if you think that this palette won't fit your skintone you can customize your own (and get the same prize as the original palette) or just buy the 2 or 3 that will work the best for you.

The shadows are all smooth and pigmented. I haven't found any of them chalky or harder to use. I wore them today for 8 hours and they lasted completely fine with minor fading (mainly because I touch my face many times during the day). I've put them over foundation and then applied the fix+ spray from M·A·C to set the makeup. So just to finish I have to say that I'm super happy with the kit and I can understand its popularity (it has been sold out many many times). I didn't have any specific shadows for contouring and this kit has everything I need for it. Another major plus: it's completely cruelty free! If you're interested,you can buy this kit online here.

Well that's all about the Contour Kit! What do you think of it? Do you like it? Have you tried it or plan to buy it? Tell me in the comments and share all your opinions! I love to read them :) Kisses!
PS. To those of you who might not know who Kylie Jenner is, she's Kim Kardashian's younger sister and this year there was a huge debate on the internet because of her lips. I am not interested in that or her private life, I just admire the way she applies her makeup and the looks she usually wears. I have chosen some of the ones I like the most and I've added them at the end of the post so you can see her.

Kylie Jenner's Looks

Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown // Anastasia Beverly Hills

Good morning! Here's the first review of my Black Friday Shopping! I read all your comments (thank you so so much, I love reading through them everyday!) and this was the product you were more curious about, the Dipbrow Pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

There are 8 colors available and I chose Dark Brown after doing some swatches research on the internet. As you can see in the pictures I have thick brows with dark hair and this color matches them perfectly! I made a picture with another two brow products so you can compare the tone and give you an idea of how it looks in real life.

Its waterproof formula is perfect for oily skin and humid climates. They claim that it's smudge-free, so after using it on my brows I tried to smudge it with my fingers and I have to say that it passed the test! To apply it I used the small brow brush of the Benefit's Brow Things kit and I must admit that it was a bit tricky to get a perfect line, mainly because the brush is too small (my fault!) It glides so smooth on the skin, I didn't expect it to be so soft. I'm really happy with the formula, the texture and the longevity of the pomade.

The cons... it's a bit expensive. Spending 11.30 in a product so specific may not be your first choice but if you like to sculpt your brows this will be money well spent because you get a lot of product and its quality justifiest the cost.
At the end you can see a picture of the before and after of my brow just using the Dipbrow Pomade. It's not a dramatic difference but it's more defined and has a longer tail without looking fake which is what I wanted to get.

And that's it! Do you want to know something more about this product? Is there any other comparison you would like to see? Do you think you'll buy it? Tell me in the comments and I'll answer all your questions. Kisses!

I bought mine in Beautybay.com because there was a 30% off. I know they ship their products worldwide but if you live closer to the US you may want to check Anastasiabeverlyhills.com so you won't have to pay that much for the delivery.

Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Before/After)

Black Friday Shopping // Compras del Black Friday

Good morning! Today I'm doing an express visit to Madrid and I won't be able to write a long post so here I'm showing you a super small preview of my Black Friday Shopping (that has finally arrived!) and tomorrow I'll make a review of each product.
The first set is from Beautybay.com and it has a Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills, a Microshadow from Make Up Store and the Drying Lotion from Mario Badescu. The second one is from Anastasiabeverlyhills.com and it has the Tamanna Palette and the famous Contour Kit! I was really looking after all these products so I really hope they're great :)
Talk to you tomorrow! I hope you like this shopping, kisses.

& Other Stories // Radiance Cream

As promised here it is the second post of what I bought in & Other Stories shop in Barcelona! :) The Radiance Cream. As they describe it is a highlighting cream that brings luminosity and brightness to dull-looking skin. It can be use under your regular foundation or after it to spotlight the high point of the face like cheekbones, nose and cupid's bow.
You can see on the pictures (taken without flash) that the shine is quite visible so I will advise you not to use it on the whole face. Also I think it gives the best results over the foundation, otherwise if you use a covering foundation it will hide a lot of the product's light. The color is iridescent so depending on the light it turns somehow between pink and blue (like in the white light picture) so it's a bit special, not like a highlighter with golden or silver undertones which are more common. If you're not sure about it I think is better to try it on while you're in the shop and see if you like the reflection it creates.
It costed me 17 € so it was kind of expensive for just 30 ml, but I didn't have anything like this in my makeup kit and I was curious about it because of its special color. The only thing I disliked about this cream is the applicator. I don't know why but the moment you open it there's  a lot of product coming out and there's no way to stop it, so you waste a lot... I hope they correct the design!

Do you use these kind of bases before foundation? Do you like to use highlighters? Tell me in the comments, I'm willing to know! Kisses.

Radiance Cream by & Other Stories

Radiance Cream by & Other Stories

& Other Stories // Cire Red Blush

Good morning everyone! As I told you on the Urban Outfitters nail polish post, I went to Barcelona almost two weeks ago, and apart of visiting that shop, I also went to & Other Stories. I love it so much that I couldn't resist to go back and chek out more products. These time I got a blush called "Cire Red" and a highlighting pre-base called "Radiance Cream" (which I'll show you later today on the next post).
I have a lot of blushes and I was looking for something different this time, so I ended up getting Cire Red, which is really bright red powder blush. It's super pigmented so you have to be light handed when applying it but you would be surprised of how natural it looks on the cheeks, like you've just flushed. It lasts on me around 8h and costs 12 €, not as cheap as other brands but still good value.
The packaging is clean and simple, and there's a quote engraved in the blush: "Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days..." Which is a detail that I love and made me smile when I opened it, but it doesn't last too much when you use it. Below you can see a comparison picture with Coralista by Benefit and Floral Ornartment by Catrice so you can see how red it is compared to coral blushes.
You can find it in & Other Stories shops or buy it online here. I hope you like it! xx
Cire Red Blush by & Other Stories

Cire Red Blush by & Other Stories

Cire Red Comparison with Coralista & Floral Ornartment

Viennart Collection by Catrice // Blush & Mirror // Colorete y Espejo

Hello ladies! The most recent collection from Catrice Cosmetics is called Viennart and it is inspired by the Art Nouveau and its floral style. I saw it in a shop and I checked out the available cosmetics and I ended up taking these two products with me. The first one is a blush called Floral Ornartment, it looks like it has dark apricot and nude tones but when I swatch it on my skin it looks more like a coral blush, really similar to Coralista by Benefit. It lasts on me around six hours with minor fading and it's only 4,59 €! So for me it has an awesome value. The second thing I got is a small mirror, perfect for handbags. It has a silver finish with floral ornaments on its surface. Inside you can find two different mirrors, a normal one and a magnifying one. It's super lightweight and only costs 3,99 €!
There were a lot more cosmetics in the collection but these were the products I liked the most. Below you can see some pictures and just below you can find the links to buy them. Will you get something from the collection? Tell me in the comments! Kisses :)

Blush swatched on my hand

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish // Dark Night & Northern Lights

Hello gorgeous! Last week I travelled to Barcelona and I went to the new Urban Outfitters store. Of course apart from the amazing clothes and accesories, I couldn't miss the beauty section. It wasn't as big as other ones I've seen in other countries but the selection of products was pretty cool and different from what you can find in other stores. Candles, shampoos, nail polishes, hair chalks, EOS lip balm and lipstick sealers were some of the available cosmetics. I ended up buying two nail polishes from their Matte Glitter Collection since there was an offer of 2x15 €. They're quite heavy because of the square glass packaging and contain 15ml each so you get more product than in most nail polishes (which usually bring 10-13 ml) at only 8 €.

The first one is a really dark green lacquer with emerald glitter called Dark Night. It is fully opaque after two coats and it dries down to a super matte finish but with the light, the glitter creates green reflections on the surface. It has a gritty texture but it doesn't get stuck on clothes or anything so it's not annoying. The consistency is thick but it flows well across the nail without streaking. It's a really special color yet very discreet so if you like to wear some glitter without going overboard it's is a nice option. This shade had no chipping, after a week of wear, not even tip wear which is certainly good.  If you want to get it, you can go to their shop in Barcelona or buy it online here.

 Dark Night by Urban Outfitters
The second one is Northern Lights. The moment I put it on my nails I thought about mermaids! It is mostly opaque after two coats, though you can see a hint of nail line coming through. The consistency is thick, and it was a bit harder to work with than Dark Night. It dries down to a matte blue with fine gold glitter and bigger chunks of iridescent purplish glitter (as you can see on the picture below). This shade had minor tip wear, but no chipping, after a week. It's flashier than Dark Night so it's not really work appropriate but I didn't have any similar color in my stash and I couldn't resist. It's not available online so you can only get it in their shop in Barcelona.
  Northern Lights by Urban Outfitters
I hope you liked them as much as I do! Have you ever tried nail polishes from Urban Outfitters? Have you been in their shop in Barcelona? Tell me in the comments, Kisses! 

Victoria's Secret Show '14 // Products Revealed // Part II

Hello gorgeous! Since I couldn't fit more pictures in the Victoria's Secret post (click to see part I), I've decided to make a second post with all the pictures I've found. The tables on the backstage were loaded of products, specially concealers and foundations of different brands, so it's almost impossible to know exactly what did the makeup artists use on each of the models. So if you want to get the same look, choose the combination of foundation and concealer that works for your skin.

The makeup artist behind the look, Dick Page, revealed some of the products they used. First, moisturize the face with Shiseido Ibuki line. Then dab a red cream color by Kryolan on cheeks and nose for a healthy skin. A light layer of foundation, Make Up Forever Foundation and Graftobian theatrical makeup under the eyes and around the nose to correct discoloration. For the lips, Victoria's Secret lip tint in Endless Pink and a customized lipgloss made by himself before the show. For the eyes he used Shiseido's Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Sable as base color and Soyu mixed with Caviar as eyeliner. And to finish the look, some fake eyelashes.
On the last photos I will just put the links to the products under them, since there are so so many. If I put all the names on them, the photo will end up covered with letters and you won't be able to see anything! ;) If you have any questions regarding these last ones or you don't know which product I am referring to, just ask me in the comments and I'll let you know. I hope you liked these two posts and if you know anymore products or you recognize them in the pictures don't doubt to tell me in the comments! Kisses.
Pictures by Tom Newton and The Coveteur

Porefessional by Benefit (31 $)

Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble (26 $) // White Eclipse Styler (245 $) limited edition 
// IV Rose Gold Styler (230 $) limited edition // Eclipse Styler (245 $) // All stylers by ghd


Le Teint Touche Èclat by YSL (57 $) // Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body SPF 15 by Estée Lauder (37 $) // Light Wonder Foundation in 6 and 4 by Charlotte Tillbury (45 $) // Palette Couture Highlight Powder (Fall 2012) by YSL // Light Reflecting Pressed Powder by Nars (35 $) // Smooth Finish Foundation Powder in 19 and 20 by Laura Mercier (46 $) // Air Brush Flawless Finish Powder in 1, 2 and 3 by Charlotte Tillbury (45 $) // Secret Camouflage Concealer in 4 by Laura Mercier (34 $) // The Retoucher Concealer (32 $) // Baby Oil by Johnson's (3,84 $) // Global Perfect Pore minimizer by Sisley (215 $) // Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden (26 $) // Nourishing Multiuse Cream by Leocrema (3 $) // Sensifluid Cleansing Micellar Water by A-Derma (17,90 $) // Studio Face and Body Foundation in White by M·A·C (35 $) // Rock 'n' Kohl in Bedroom Blanc and Barbarella Brown by Charlotte Tillbury (26 $) // Eye Brows Pencil by M·A·C (16 $) // Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline (6 $) // So Intense Mascara by Sisley (46 $) // Full Fat Lashes Mascara by Charlotte Tillbury (29 $) // Eyelash Adhesive by DUO (9 $) // Pout Lip Stain by Victoria's Secret (10 $) // Shiny Kiss Flavored Gloss by Victoria's Secret (10 $)