Miracle Skin Perfector Roll - On BB Cream by Garnier // Review & Comparison

Today I bring you a different kind of review. This one is a comparison between two same products, the old versus the new version of the Miracle Skin Perfector Roll - On BB Cream by Garnier (yes, that's quite a long name!)

It has been one of my go to products for some years now and the original one, the one on the right side, lasted so so long that I'm even ashamed to admit for how many years (there was no way to finish it! I promise) it has been on my makeup stash.

So when I finally decided to upgrade it to the new version and toss the old one, I was quite disappointed to find that the new one was quite different. Specially I was surprised by the color change since I'm really pale and the new version is darker than its predecessor.

So after seeing some differences more I thought that this review might be helpful to those of you who might still be using the old version and want to grab the new one.

Color: As pictured, on the right side you can see version 2.0, darker and with a pinker hue. On the left, version 1.0, lighter and more on the yellow side.

Roll-On: The new roll on is smaller, I suppose this is to make it more precise but the older version had enough precision. Also I have seen that this new roll-on makes the product to come out even when the cap is closed so everytime I open it there's product everywhere.

Consistency: Not much difference in this section but I would say that the newer version is more liquid while the older one was a bit thicker.

Durability: The new one doesn't last on me more than two to three hours... I don't know why but the original one lasted waaaay more on my skin. This is the biggest no-no for me of this upgraded product.

Definitely I preferred the old version better so now I am looking for a new go-to concealer that doesn't involve the use of brushes. Any suggestions? Which one do you use?