Contoured Look // Look Contorno Definido

I wore this look as a base for my carnival costume and since I think is something wearable I wanted to share it with you so you can see something a bit different but still nice to wear to go out. I didn't have any special ideas in mind, I just wanted to have a strong contour and some kind of brown smokey eye. The eyes turned out darker than I thought and I even add eyeshadow under the eye (something I don't usually do) but since it was carnival I decided to go for it. I love those days when you can actually play with your makeup and wear a look as bold as you want.


1. I always start by applying an hydrating cream so I make sure that there are no dry patches underneath my foundation. I didn't apply any kind of makeup base but if you want to, this would be the moment to apply it.

2. Since the eyes were going to be quite strong, I started painting them before applying concealer or foundation. I was going out that night so I needed that my eyeshadows would last for hours. For this I used the Color Arts eye base by Essence which is an amazing low cost product. So worth it!

3. After that with my M·A·C 217 brush I buffed the Microshadow in Desert by Make Up Store (review here) to have an even base color all around the eye. I even used it under the eyes.  

4. Then I added Hustle eyeshadow on the crease with the 219 brush by M·A·C and then I used Sin on the inner corner of the eyes (both shades from the Naked Palette by UD). Finally I blended both colors together with the Fawn shade from Anastasia Beverly Hills' Contour Kit, using the Universal Eyeshadow Brush from & Other Stories.

5. To finish off the eyes I applied two coats of mascara. I used They're real by Benefit because I think it's the one that lasts the most on my lashes without moving (but it's so so hard to take off!)

6. Face time! To make my skin completely even I applied Teint Couture Long-wearing Fluid Foundation by Givenchy with the Oval 6 Brush by M·A·C (this combo is the best for my skin!) After that what I follow my usual steps to conceal my undereye area: I mixed the Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20 and NW15 by M·A·C and apply it with their 224 brush. PS. Don't forget to spread your foundation down your neck.

7. I'm still quite new to the contour & highlight technique so I'm still trying to figure out which are the brushes that work best for my face. I used the Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills (you can read the review here!) and in this case I applied it with the Pro-39 brush by Burlesque

8. I added a bit of color on my cheeks with the Cire Red Blush by & Other Stories (you can read the review here!)

9. The last step, the lips! This one is super easy, you just need to fill them with the liner Crayon Lèvres Terrybly in 2 Rose Contour By Terry. Over that I just dabbed some EOS lip balm. And thats it!

What do you think of the look? Do you usually use the Contour  Highlight technique? Kisses!

Mythic Oil Shampoo by L'Oréal - Review // Reseña - Champú

About two months ago I finished this sample from the Mythic Oil Shampoo by L'Oréal. It's quite big so I could try it well before having an opinion about it. Even though I like its smell and texture when I was washing my hair, I've felt that my hair didn't last clean for more than one day.

It does leave your hair soft and shiny but maybe because of its oils, my roots became greasy sooner than with other shampoos I've tried. So I think is a nice option if you have dry hair, because it left my dry roots soft and less frizzy but if you are more on the oily side I would advise you to look for another shampoo. At least from my experience.

It costs around 19€ for 250 ml and has argan oil and cotton seed oil which are supposed to balance your hair's natural oil, but all the products I've tried with argan oil in them didn't work out for me so I wouldn't buy the full size of this shampoo. Maybe the conditioner would be a better option for my hair type. Have you tried this shampoo or any products from this range? Kisses!

New! Crystal Eyeliner by KIKO - Review + 204 Eyes Brush // Reseña

So the other day I went pass KIKO and I went in to see the new collections. I haven't been there for a long time and I was surprised by the new eyeliners from the collection "Generation Next" called Crystal Eyeliners and their great quality. So I ended up picking number 03 Reflect Burgundy (click on the name to get it!) To me it looks like a deep chocolate brown with a soft metallic finish. It's super pigmented and lasts for more than eight hours on my upper lash line, no retouches needed! To me that was impressive, once you put it, there's no way to take it off unless you use a makeup remover. It glides on perfectly and it comes with a small sharpener on the backside so you can sharpen the point easily without needing an extra sharpener for it.
There are six colors available, the other ones were brighter and shinier and I was looking something for an everyday look and this color was the perfect choice but I recommend you to check out the others. I wish they had it in black because I would buy it right now! It only costs 6,90 € which seems really affordable to me since the ones I usually use from Chanel are 25 €, so in comparison you're getting the same product at a really lower price.
Sorry for the blurred picture! // ¡Siento que la foto haya salido un poco borrosa!
Apart from the eyeliner, I picked up the 204 Eyes Brush since I lost mi eyeliner brush from M·A·C. I can't find it anywhere and I didn't want to spend all that money again on the same brush. It had a 30% off so I ended up paying another 6,90 € for it which is a reasonable price. It has synthethic bristles whcih are soft but also stiff which makes this brush perfect to smudge the eyeliner and also draw eyebrows. It has no shedding and comes with a protective cap. Overall I'm pretty happy with it!
I also bought two pairs of falsies from Eylure in another shop but I will talk about them in other post soon. I have to try them on and see how they fit and all that to make a good review :) I hope you liked my new purchases! Have you tried any of them? Kisses!

Oscar's Nominees Beauty Box // La Caja de Belleza de las Nominadas a los Oscars 2015

Tonight the Oscars will take place in LA! I have seen these awards for many many years now and I love them, actually is family tradition already. This year I haven't seen many of the movies so I'm not sure who will win, I can guess it for the other awards they've already given but still I'm not sure.

I'm looking forward to see the nominess, their gowns and makeup and all that! But since we have to wait some more hours, here's a sneak peek into the 5.000$ beauty box the nominees will receive. So in the end, even if you don't win the oscar, the loss is not so bad with all those gifts!

Champagne Wishes and Golden Dreams Beauty Box by Kerstin Florian 


- A bottle of Ruinart champagne.

- Sama Eyewear sunglasses.

- Deluxe-stay for two at The Montage Hotel. 

- A Voluspa Laguna candle.

- A cashmere robe and slippers from Kashwere.

- Some products by Youngblood mineral make-up.

- A box of champagne macarons from Beverly Park Bouchon Bakery.

-  Kerstin's own range of brightening, tightening and toning skincare.

Did you know about all the products they get? That also get another gift bag of more then 168.000$! I would love to get all that! But since I'm not a famous actress I'll just keep on dreaming about it. By the way, do you watch the awards show? Kisses!

+100 followers GIVEAWAY! // SORTEO +100 seguidores!

Great news ahead, as you can see from the title! I'm really really happy of how the blog has been growing in these two months, like a small community. Everyday I wake up super happy to read your comments and I'm always carrying around a notebook where I can put down all the ideas for new posts that I'm eager to share with you.

I've reached 100 followers in GFC and to celebrate that number, today I bring you a GIVEAWAY!! This was the small surprise I had for you :)

What does the Giveaway contain?

1. Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade by M·A·C: It's a limited edition highlighter form their Lightness of Being Collection that came out in January.

2. Setting Brush by Real Techniques: I chose this brush since it's perfect forthe highlighter. Soft, small and fluffy it will help you to add a touch of shine to your cheeks. You can also use it to use powder on your undereye area!

3. Brush Egg Cleaner by Burlesque: It works like the cleansing glove but its small size makes it perfect to take it with you anywhere you want it or to keep it in a drawer in your bathroom.

What do you have to do to enter?

1. Follow this blog on Bloglovin'

2. Follow this blog on Instagram (in case you have it)

3. Leave a comment under this post telling me something you would like to see on the blog: beauty news, specifical looks, tutorials, some specific product review... All ideas are welcome! PLEASE: Just one comment per person.

Each person who enters will have a number associated to its comment entry. In ONE MONTH I'll pick up (with a program that helps to choose a random number) the winner and I'll PUBLISH HER NAME ON THE BLOG and contact her to sent the package. In case you don't have blog and you're the winner I'll leave my e-mail so you can write me privately.

If I don't get a response in a week from the winner I'll pick another one, so stay tuned. Just as easy as that! Also, it's open Worldwide :) Feel free to share it on your blog or Instagram! Kisses

PS. Scroll Down to see more pictures of the prizes!


Hoy os traigo buenas noticias como podéis ver en el título! Estoy súper contenta por como ha ido creciendo el blog ene stos últimos dos meses, como una pequeña comunidad. Cada día me despierto corriendo a leer vuestros comentarios y siempre llevo conmigo una liobretita donde poder escribir todas las ideas que se me van ocurriendo para nuevos posts que quiero compartir con vosotras.

He alcanzado 100 followers en GFC y para celebrar ese número, hoy os traigo un SORTEO!! Esta era la pequeña sorpresa que tenía preparada :)

¿Qué contiene el Sorteo?

1. Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade de M·A·C: Es un iluminador de edición limitada perteneciente a la colección Lightness of Being que salió el pasado enero.

2. Setting Brush de Real Techniques: He elegido este pincel porque es perfecto para el iluminador. Suave, pequeño y denso, te ayudará a dar un toque de luz a tus mejillas. ¡También lo puedes utilizar para poner polvo fijador en la zona de las ojeras!

3. Brush Egg Cleaner de Burlesque: Este limpiador funciona como los guantes para lavar pinceles pero su tamaño pequeño lo hace ideal para llevarlo contigo de viaje o guardarlo cómodamente en un cajón en el baño.

¿Qué tenéis que hacer para participar?

1. Seguir este blog en Bloglovin'

2. Seguir este blog en Instagram (en caso de que tengáis)

3. Dejar un comentario bajo este post contándome algo que te gustaría ver en el blog:  noticias de belleza, looks específicos, tutoriales, reseñas de algún producto en especial... ¡Todas las ideas son bienvenidas! POR FAVOR: Sólo un comentario por persona.

Cada participante tendrá un número asociado a su comentario. Después de UN MES elegiré la ganadora (con un programa que te ayuda a elegir un número aleatorio) y lo ANUNCIARÉ EN EL BLOG. Pondré mi email para que se ponga en contacto conmigo en caso de que no tenga blog.

Tendrá una semana para confirmarme que lo ha leído si no elegiré a otra ganadora, así que estar atentas. Después le enviaré el paquetito, ¡así de fácil! Por cierto, está abierto a todo el mundo :) Podéis compartirlo en vuestro blog o Instagram si os apetece! Besos

Short Update & Post Preview // Pequeña Actualización y Avance

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of daily updates lately but February has been a crazy month so far and probably is going to be like that until the end. But don't worry, as soon as everything is calm again I'll update as frequently as before.
To compensate this, I have a small surprise for you all this weekend so stay tuned and comeback on Saturday to discover what is it about :) Here I leave you a preview of the nails I wore for Carnival last weekend. Tomorrow I'll do a detailed post about them and I'll answer all your comments. I hope you like the manicure as much as I did! Lots of kisses.
¡Hola a todas! Siento no poder publicar posts diarios últimamente pero febrero está siendo un mes de locura y probablemente siga así hasta el final. Pero no os preocupéis, tan pronto como todo vuelva a la calma publicaré con tanta frecuencia como antes.
Para compensar esto, tengo una pequeña sorpresa preparada para vosotras este finde así que estar atentas y volver el sábado para saber qué es :) Aquí os dejo un pequeño adelanto de las uñas que lucí para Carnaval el finde pasado. Mañana haré un post más detallado y contestaré a todos vuestros comentarios. ¡Espero que os guste la manicura tanto como a mí! Muchos besos.

Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner by Sephora - Review // Limpiador de Pinceles de Sephora - Reseña

The other day after doing my makeup for carnival I needed to clean my makeup brushes fast because I needed to do an smokey eye in neutral shades. As I was in a rush, I couldn't wait for a day (the time that takes to my brushes to dry after a deep cleansing with water), I used the Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner by Sephora that I've been using for years and that is perfect for these kind of situations.
 So I took some before and after pictures of one of the brushes so you could see how it works and to make a review of this amazing products that has been in my makeup stash for years! You don't need to rinse it off with water and its formula is anti bacterial. Just spray it over your brush bristles 3 to 4 times and then wipe the brush over a clean cloth to eliminate any pigment or residue. Before using them again you should let them dry for an hour more or less and then they're ready. It's the perfect brush cleaner for a daily use since it avoids any accumulation of oil or dirt on your brushes without the need of a deep cleanse (you just need to do that once a week). Besides it's super easy to use and works really fast.
The one I use has some alcohol on its formula but I've never had any problem with it and hasn't irritated my skin or eyes. It costs around 6,20 €/60ml and lasts a lot. If you don't like the fact that it contains alcohol, Make Up Forever sells a similar one but it costs more than double (12 €/50ml). Also in the United States, Sephora has changed its formulation and has upgraded it so I suppose (and hope) that in some months we'll have that version available in Spain also.
Have you tried this product? How many times a week do you clean your brushes? Kisses!

Short Duo Fibre Brush by Deliplus - Review // Pincel Mofeta de Deliplus - Opinión

Today I bring you another review of a lovely brush by Deliplus. After trying their Blush Brush (you can read the review here) I wanted to try another one since I was so happy with its quality. At the end of January my mom brought home this Short Duo Fibre Brush for the Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown.
It's quite small and really easy to handle and control. The duo fibre brushes are usually used for liquid foundations but my mom wanted to use it for the highlighter so I tried it with that exact product and I must say that I loved it. It's super soft against de skin and makes it really easy to blend the product. I have already washed it once and it hasn't shed any hair. It's very affordable, only 6 €! (if I remember well) so it's a great option to try this kind of brushes and see if you like them before you buy more expensive options from brands like M·A·C or Sigma.
Have you tried this brush? Do you use duo fibre brushes? What do you use them for? Kisses!


Top 5 Looks for Valentine's Day // Top 5 Looks para San Valentín

As you all know, this Saturday is Valentine's Day so in honor of that special date I decided to compile my 5 favorite makeup tutorials for Valentine's. Even if you don't have a special someone to spend that day with, you should follow one of these tutorials, put on a nice dress, wear a pair of killer heels and go out with your friends & enjoy the night!
PS: I've chosen three in English and two in Spanish so all of you, no matter where you are from, can understand them :) Kisses!
Como todas sabéis este sábado es San Valentín, así que en honor de dicha fecha he recopilado mis 5 tutoriales de maquillaje favoritos para ese día. Incluso si no tenéis a una persona especial con la que celebrarlo, deberíais seguir uno de estos tutoriales, poneros un vestido bonito, un buen par de tacones y ¡salir con las amigas a disfrutar de la noche!
PD: He elegido tres en inglés y tres en castellano así todas vosotras, sin importar de donde, los podéis entender :) Un besito!
Romantic Matte Smokey Eye by Carli Bybel
Soft & Pretty by Lauren Curtis
Drugstore Valentines Makeup by Zoella
Maquillaje Sexy by Esbatt (Spanish)
Maquillaje Primera Cita by Aishawari (Spanish)

Holographic Nails by Urban Outfitters // Uñas Holográficas por UO

This is probably the craziest nail color I've ever worn! And seriously, I can't stop looking at it! I did a really fast visit to Barcelona, went back again into Urban Outfitters and the moment I saw this nail polish I knew that it had to come home with me.

I've seen pictures of similar nail polishes and I loved how they shone under the sunlight. It looks like having a disco party on your nails! I must admit that it's not the most elegant nail polish I've ever worn but... Who cares?! Just looking at those reflections make me happy! (I might sound like a magpie bird right now but I really love shiny things).

Well, enough about crazy babbling, let's talk about "serious" stuff. I needed two coats to completely cover my nails, it's really easy to apply and it doesn't leave any marks. Under the sunlight it shines with a lot of colors but when there's no direct light it looks like a silver shade. I didn't used any kind of topcoat because I liked the shine it has and I don't think it needs any more extra. The cons... It's way more expensive than any other Urban Outfitters nail polish, it costs 17€ when usually their cost is 8€. I found that out when I went to pay but I really wanted to have it so I ended up paying for it. The pros...the quality is outstanding and the color is really special.

Do you like it? Would you wear it? Do you know any cheaper brand that has good holographic nail polishes? Tell me in the comments! Kisses :)

PS. If you want to buy it, you can find it here!

 Holographic Nail Polish by Urban Outfitters

  Holographic Nail Polish by Urban Outfitters // Details
 Holographic Nail Polish by Urban Outfitters // No direct light

New Awards! // Nuevos Premios!

Marta from Mr's BB World nominated me to a Liebster Award and I have to answer the next questions. Thank you pretty! Don't forget to visit her blog :)

1. Why did you decide to open a blog?
Because I thought about it for some time and after working in the beauty section of a magazine I finally went for it.

2. For how long have you been blogging?
Not much, around two months.

3. Did you ever had or still have other blogs?
I had a fashion blog long time ago, but I had to stop because of my studies.

4. Do the people around you know that you're a blogger?
Yes, my family and closer friends.

5. Do you blog because of work or passion?
Basically because makeup is my passion, but also because I want to keep on writing about beauty so I won't loose all what I've learnt.

6. How many hours each day do you work in the blog?
Mmmm...Basically it depends on the day, some days I'll be blogging for hours because I'll write more than one post in advance for the week and other days I just can work on it for an hour.

7. Are you present in other social media?
Yes, right now you can fin me in Pinterest & Instagram and I hope that soon also in Facebook. I'll keep you informed!

8. How has blogging affected to your daily life?
I would say that in a positive way because it's really satisfying to put work and care into your blog and see how it grows day after day. Also it's great to feel part of a community and being able to meet people with the same tastes.

9. Are you happy with your blog design?
Yes, at least for now, is really simple and clean, altough probably I'll make changes as the blog evolves.

10. Which are the blogs you visit more?
They're so many that I could fill a whole page! Everyday I visit all the blogs I follow with GFC and Bloglovin', apart from fashion blogs (like Kayture or The Blonde Salad) and some more webs with general content (like Refinery 29 or XO Vain).

11. Which is your favorite blog?
It's hard to decide but if I have to choose a beauty blog it would be Temptalia and Makeup and Beauty Blog, they're both amazing. Christine's reviews are amazing and she always has the latest products before anyone else. Karen is really funny and I enjoy a lot reading her blog.


El cajón de Secretos also nominated me to a bunch of awards (thank you so much gorgeous!) And I also had to answer some questions, so here they are:

1. What do you ask for this last Christmas?
Even though Christmas has already passed, I asked for a suitcase, a laptop and some makeup brushes.

2. Which is your favorite luxe cosmetic brand?
I'm between Chanel, M·A·C and Dior, because each one of them has certain products or characteristics that I like but I can't decide... I guess M·A·C is the one with the widest product range.

3. Which is your favorite low cost cosmetic brand?
NYX, I've discovered it recently and all I've tried until now has been perfect!

4. What are the three breauty products you can't live without?
Eyelash mascara, concealer and lip balm.

5. Which is your favorite palette?
Naked 1 by Urban Decay.

6. Which is your favorite accesory?
For winter I always wear a scarf around my neck but all year round I wear earrings and rings also!

7. Name 5 blogs you follow and that you like:

8. What's what you like the most in a blog?
That I enjoy reading it, that its pictures are beautiful and that the reviews are true and sincere.

9. What's the thing you love most of your blog?
Hard to choose since I've designed it to my taste! hahaha But I guess that what I like the most is its simple design and its neutral color palette with a touch of coral.

10. Where you get your inspiration from to write a new post?
It depends, it can be a new product that I've bought, a look I liked on Pinterest or even a beauty question from somebody I know! A thousand things :)

My nominees for the Liebster Award are: Hablar sin parar con Bianca // In Fashion Chains // Hermanas de Hambre // Aishettina // Espacio Belle

And my nominees for the other awards are: Quédate en mi Nube // Potis y Consejillos // Owl Makeup // Miss Meoow // El Rincón de Mónica

Don't forget to answer the questions! I hope you're having a lovely Sunday :) Kisses!

Get the Look: Blanca Suárez - Forqué Awards // Consigue el Look

Last weekend has been super cold in my city, it even snowed! So I was spending some hours, cuddling my lil dog, on my sofa with a blanket and looking for some makeup inspirations when I came across this look worn by Blanca Suárez and I fell in love with it. It's quite unusual for a red carpet appearance and I really liked the combo of big lashes and bold dark lipstick.
I started thinking about what products she could be wearing and I decided to create this post and share it with you so you can also try to recreate it at home. I'm not really good at applying fake lashes but I'm going to practice to get this look myself for any upcoming event because in spring you can change the lips for something more bright like a hot pink and still will be a great look. Would you dare to wear this look to go out? Do you have any tricks to apply fake lashes? Kisses!


Rouge Pur Couture in Prune Avenue 54 by YSL (33,50 €)

Fashion Lashes 120 Demi by Ardell (7,10 €)

Eyebrow Stylist by Sleek (6,99 €)

Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin Foundation SPF 20 by Guerlain (49 €)

Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty (35 €)

Defininf Blush in Mandy-rine by Catrice (3,99 €)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan & Antwerp - Review // Reseña

Yay, weekend is almost here! Today I bring you a review of two lip products by NYX, the Soft matte lip cream in Milan & Antwerp. This week I read in Daphne's Cupcakes Instagram that NYX will no longer sell its products in Spain so I went to the drugstore to see which products were still available and pick these. I had seen lovely swatches online of these lip creams for some time and I was really curious about this formula and I must say that I really liked it.
I think it's super easy to apply, I didn't expected this at all with the doe foot applicator but seriously it glides over the skin smoothly. As you can see on the pictures I was able to draw my  lips without using a lipliner. Its a liquid lipstick that dries completely matte, so if you have skin flakes on your skin this makes them really visible. So I recommend before using it to apply a lip exfoliant to get an even base. These were the two colors I got:
Antwerp: On my hand it looked like a muted coral/ peach but when I applied it on my lips was more like a soft orange. Even though I liked the color the problem was that it dried a bit unevenly and it left some marks over my lips (as you can see in the picture). It wasn't as thick as Milan and that's why I think the application wasn't even. Still if you have patience you can retouch it and the finish will be smooth and nice.
Milan: My favorite of the two. A cold pink that I though it was going to be more neon but it ends up being more discreet and I love it. I find it quite special for being a pink color and I've been wearing it everyday since I bought it.
I've seen different cost for these lipsticks depending on the shop where you buy it, in Druni (where I got mine) they were 5,75€/each, to me they seem really affordable. They last on me around 4 hours and then they fade slowly so you won't have any patches on your lips (sometimes a problem with matte lip products). I know that there are lip products that last longer but I don't mind to reapply these ones since I love the applicator and how smooth they feel.
Have you tried this matte creams? Do you recommend me any other color? Which product do you like from NYX? Kisses!
Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX 
 Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX // Antwerp

 Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX // Milan
 Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX // Applicator Detail