Get Katy Perry's Super Bowl Nails - Tutorial // Consigue las Uñas de Kary Perry para la Super Bowl

This Sunday will take place the Super Bowl and singer Katy Perry will perform during the halftime show. She's getting ready for that special moment and this Monday she shared on her Instagram account an image of her freshly painted toes that resembled to small football balls. As you can see just below (you chan check her Instagram here):
So today I bring you a super easy nail art tutorial to get your nails ready for the match. I've chosen to make it on my hands since it is so cold here that I am wearing boots all the time and I never show my toes during winter. I hope you like it!

Step 1: Paint your nails with two coats of a brown nail polish, the balls are usually reddish brown but I didn't have that one so I used 612 Bengale by Dior instead. (It was a limited edition but you can use whatever you have at home that you like).

Step 2: With an orange stick, nail art stick (if you have one) or even a needle! Draw a white vertical line in the middle of each nail. Just dip your tool on a white nail polish (I used one from the supermarket which is just 0,99 E) and start from the top and go to the bottom. If your line is a bit crooked don't worry, let it dry and fix it with a bit of brown nail polish.

Step 3: With the same technique as in the step 2, draw 4 to 5 horizontal lines crossing the vertical line. So that your nail will look like the ball seam.

Step 4: Once it's dried, add a shiny top coat to finish off your manicure and protect the lines. And you're done! As easy as that :)
Do you watch the Super Bowl? Do you usually wear your nails with drawings? Kisses!

Finished Products - January '15 // Productos Terminados - Enero '15

Welcome to my first "Finished Products" post! Even though there aren't many of them, I love them and I wanted to show them to you before I would accumulate more. They're very appealing.
1. Day Cream Normal to Combination Skin "Abeille Royale" by GuerlainThis review was made by my mom who is the one who has been using it, but I think it's intereseting to all of you who are using (or starting to use) anti-aging products. Even though is an expensive cream (115,50 € approx.) is one of the best my mom has ever tried and she'll buy it again for sure. It's not greasy or heavy on the skin, the feeling is comfortable. It plumps the skin and with the time it give a lot of brightness (in a good way). It lasts around 8 months if you apply it every morning. During summer my mum didn't use it because her face sweated (not only for the crem but also beacause of her work where shehas to do physical activiy). During those months she used the cream from Origins which is below and that is more lightweight.
2. Sensibio H2O AR Anti-redness Micellar Solution by Bioderma: My mom had an allergic reaction to a makeup remover from Deliplus, after that she was recommended two micellar waters by the pharmacist. The first was this one by Bioderma. It's a bit expensive (15,90 ) for being a micellar water but truth is that is perfect for sensitive skins because it's really soft to the skin and helps to remove makeup without needing more "agressive" products, to say it somehow. Besides, there's no need to wash your face after applying it and its formulated for sensitive skin prone to rosacea and cuperosis. So if you have suffered an allergic reaction or you have a skin as described, try it.

3. Boucles d'Art by Kérastase: If you have curly or wavy hair, try this aqua-mousse (as they describe it). Its texture is a mix between traditional mousse and soap foam, so it's more lightweight and less sticky. When your hair is dried it doesn't leave it crunchy or too dry, it gives definition yo your curls without adding weigh on them, besides it helps to keep the frizz at bay. I apply directly on my wet hair and leave it to air dry (zero complications). If I want more definition, I add a bit more of product once the hair is dried and I shape it with my fingers. Agains it I would say that it's an expensive product but if you want to pamper your curls, this is your product. PS: Its size is perfect to take it with you on your suitcase and wear beachwaves on your next vacation! (You can buy it in a hair salon).

4. Energy-boosting Moisturizer "GinZing" by Origins: My favorite of these five! This facial cream has been my discovery of 2014, without any doubt. Super lightweight, fluid texture, an orange smell that I love and it just gives to my skin the hydration it needs. I've been applying it AM and PM for months and my skin has been in perfect condition even brighter, it didn't add any oil and my dry patches were totally fine (I have combination skin so these are my two main issues). I also used it during summer and I didn't feel it was too heavy for my skin so it was very easy to add it into my daily facial routine. All the reviews I've read about it are great and I add mine to these good opinions about this product. If you're looking for a basic moisturizer, try this one. What's more, it's not expensive for its quality and it has natural ingredients.

5. Guess Girl Belle Eau by Guess: This has been my go to cologne for summer and I've finished it during these last two months. Even though I like its smell, sweet & floral, it doesn't last too much on my skin. The bottle is lovely and it costs around 56 €. Maybe on other people the smell lasts longer but definitely is not for me so I won't buy it again.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you read or heard about them before? Kisses!

How To: Emma Stone Golden Globes 2015 Look // Part II: Face & Lips

Happy Sunday! As promised, here's the second part of the tutorial on how to get Emma Stone's look of this year Golden Globes Awards. In case you missed it, here's Part I: Eyes.
First, before the step by step, I prepped my face with foundation and concealer. I used Fusion Ink Foundation by Yves Saint Laurent (my tone is BD 20) and applied it with the Oval 6 Brush by M·A·C (which I love  and I'll make a review of it soon because it's a very special brush).
To cover my undereye circles I used the Full Coverage Concealer in Orange by NYX and over that I dabbed the Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 by M·A·C. I also used this second concealer to cover any spot or redness on my face. I only use the orange concealer to cover my dark circles when I'm going to wear a lot of makeup, not on a daily basis.
This is my routine but of course you can use your own with the products that work for you! And now let's go and finish the tutorial.

1. To get that rosy cheeks that Emma wore, I applied the Blush in Heather Silk by Wet n Wild with the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques. This color is super bright so be careful and apply it softly from the top to the apple of your cheeks.
2. Apply on your cheekbones, browbones and top of your lips a highlighter. In my case I used the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in 100 by Kiko. I applied it directly from the tube and blended it with my own fingers to get a natural look.
3 & 4. Time for the lips! Emma wore a pink lipstick, it was bright but not like a neon pink. To get a similar look, first I outlined my lips with the liner Crayon Lèvres Terrybly in 2 Rose Contour By Terry. Over that, and directly from the tube, I applied the lipstick Rouge in Love in 383N Midnight Crush by Lancôme. I think the final result looks almost the same as the color from Emma Stone. Tip: She has a big mouth so if you want to get a similar look you can make your lips appear bigger by drawing them a bit outside the lines with the lipliner.
Aaaaand this is the final look on me. I did on myself a quick fake curly bob and put on some dangling earrings from Zara to add a bit of glam. It's not my best photo ever but at least you can see the whole makeup (seriously that day the camera was all against me) anyway, I hope you like it! Kisses

How To: Emma Stone Golden Globes 2015 Look // Part I: Eyes

Finally! The look worn by Emma Stone to this year Golden Globes Awards! I've made a step by step tutorial on how to get it. I've divided it in two parts, part I for the eyes and part II for the rest of the face. Get ready for a long post full of pictures, tips and tricks that will help you achieve this beautiful makeup look. Enjoy it!

P.S: At the end of the post you can find a big picture with all the steps together, so you can Pin It or save it on your computer just in case you want a complete visual guide to recreate this at home.

1. Start by prepping your eyes with an eyeshadow base, it will make your shadows last longer and they'll stick better. I used Color Arts Eye Base by Essence. 2. After applying it directly onto the lid I made small touches to distribute it evenly and then waited for it to dry completely.

3. To have an even color on the lid and take away any redness I put Pro Longwear Concealer by M·A·C (my shade is NW15) with the concealer brush by Beter. Make sure you cover the entire area up to the brow. 4. I blended the concealer with 224 Brush by M·A·C and with the same brush I applied a nude matte eyeshadow (I used Virgin from Urban Decay Naked Palette).

5 & 6. To create the black cat eye shape, I applied the cream eyeshadow Color Tattoo in Timeless Black by Maybelline with the Shadow/Liner Brush by Benefit. I used its hard bristles to help me create the outer corner. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you can correct it later. This step will help you to create the dark base from where we start working.

7 & 8. To darken the black and define completely the cat eye shape y dabbed black matte eyeshadow all over the cream shadow. For this I used the Artist Shadow in M100 Black by Make Up Forever and the Eyes 212 Brush by Kiko (its short bristles and elongated shape are perfect to blend the eyeshadow and staying into the cat eye shape without having too much fall out).

9. One of the characteristics of this look is that on the outer corner the black shade turns into a deep glittery navy shade. I didn't have one like that so I cheated and created it by using this combo. First, with the 219 Pencil Brush by M·A·C, I applied (just on the outer corner) the blue eyeshadow Bolt from the Ultra Mattes Brights Palette from Sleek. 10. After that, to add the glitter touch, I dabbed over the blue shade the Liquid Eyeliner in 27 Silver by Inglot using the fine brush that comes with it.
11. Nex step is eyeliner. From the outer corner up to the middle of the lower lash line I used Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 30 Marine by Chanel. 12. Since I didn't have a white glitter liner I mixed two products again to get the same results. First I used the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk by NYX and after that, the same liquid glitter eyeliner by Inglot to draw the line up to the inner corner. Tip: If your line is wider than you wanted or if there's too much glitter fall out, don't worry, you can correct it with a cotton bud and some micellar water.

13. Add mascara on your top lashes and also on your bottom lashes. For this look I used the Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir 10 by Chanel. Tip: If you want to achieve the spidery bottom lashes of Emma Stone, stick them in groups using the tip of the mascara's wand. 14. To finish the look I draw and brushed my eyebrows and applied concealer all around the eye to correct any line that could have gone wrong and define completely the final shape.
Did you like the tutorial? Is there enough information? Are you missing something? Please tell me in the comments, I would love to hear your opinions! Also don't forget to come back tomorrow to see te second part of the tutorial! Kisses

Inneov Densilogy Review - Hair Loss Solutions // Reseña - Soluciones para la Caída del Pelo

Hello Beauties! Sorry for the lack of activity the last days but I haven't been feeling that good and yesterday when I finished taking the pictures for the Emma Stone tutorial I don't know what I did with my camera and I deleted all of them! And I was like nooooo... and there was no way to recover them, nothing, nope, nada.... And there I was with a full face of makeup at 2 a.m. in the morning with no pictures and super angry with the world, so I decided to wipe it all off go to sleep and I'll re-do it all over again today. I am so sorry for the delay!

This post was supposed to be for tomorrow but since I don't have the tutorial, I've just changed them. I hope you like it and find it useful (there's some personal stuff in it but I think that anyone who has suffer some hair loss or hair problem may feel related to it). 

Hair loss is a problem that you may never think of until you suffer it (and this is where the personal part starts). During all my life I had a lot of hair, like a lot of it, I would even go to the hairdresser to get some volume off. I had a long mane and even though I colored it and wear it as a blonde I've never had any problems with it, it was strong and smooth. That was until I was 21, in 2010 I went to live and study in Sweden for a year as an Erasmus exchange student. Before leaving there I turned my hair back to its original brunette color so I wouldn't have to go to the hairdresser in my new adoption country (which is kind of expensive). So everything was totally fine, my hair was at its best and there were no problems in sight until the second month after my arrival started . I started to see that I had a lot of hair loss, it clogged the shower drainpipe, I would find hair everywhere from my pillow to my clothes, when I brushed my hair a lot of it fell (like small hair locks). I didn't care that much at first, until I went back to my hometown and visited my hairdresser during the holidays. The moment I seated on her chair, she literally freaked out... I had lost 50% of my hair in just 4 months! And that's the moment I got really scared and became aware that I was suffering a major hair loss problem. My hairdresser checked out my scalp to see if there was some kind of problem there and it was a bit itchy and irritated. The main problem wasn't there but we couldn't figure out what was happening. She gave me specific hair pills that I had to take for three months and one week later more or less I went back to Sweden because I have to keep on studying there. 

I took the pills for three months and I started to see a  recovery in my hair, I had tiny baby hairs coming out again and the hair loss decreased (it didn't disappear completely, but I could feel it was smaller than before). Anyway I was still scared and everyday I was checking out the baby hairs and the brushes to see day after day if my hair was growing back. I didn't came back to my hometown until June and as soon as I went back home I went to the hairdresser. She checked my hair again and told me the good news, I had recovered 25% of my hair so I was at 75% which was great for me after all the hair loss.

After that I kept on taking those pills twice a year to prevent seasonal hair loss and even though I kept the 75% of my hair, I've never went back to before I went to Sweden. In the end it was stress what caused my hair to fall. But after all the problems I am pretty happy with it and that I was able to stop it before it was too late. I don't want to sound like I don't have hair or anything, I still have a lot of hair, long and healthy that I'm happy with.

After all this story, let's  go to the products I used and still use that I recommend to any of you who may have some hair problems, not only hair loss but also sensitive scalp or brittle hair.

Densilogy by Innéov: These are the pills that I take twice a year for three months (six in total). Each box for three months costs around 50E so it's not expensive for how good it works. Not only it makes the hair stronger and stops the hair loss, also it makes hair and nails grow super fast. Just one minor con, it makes ALL hair grow up really quickly so you will have to shave more often than usual.

Cellular Renewal and Regeneration Cream by Skynderm: This cell regenerative cream does wonders for damaged, irritated scalp and to fix the redness of it. You have to apply it directly on your scalp, make a soft massage and leave it there for half an hour. Then you wash your hair as usual. It really helps to reduce the irritation on the scalp and you can use it even if you have a sensitive scalp. I can't remember how much it costs (I know it was expensive) and I bought it to my hairdresser directly.

Deep Micro Exfoliant Scalp Treatment by Kiehl's: One of the causes of thinner hair and/or hair loss is clogged scalp pores. This products help you to exfoliate the scalp softly, remove dead cells and make a deeper cleanse. It's also good to control dandruff. I use this from time to time to make sure that my scalp is fresh and healthy.

System 1 by Nioxin: It's composed by three different products that help to add more volume and thickness to you hair. There are different systems depending on your needs but this one was the one that worked for me during that time. Just ask your hairdresser to see wich one is good for your hair.

I used this system on my hair while I was taking the pills and using the cream by Skynderm. I know that's a lot of products but as I said my hair needed a shock therapy to get back on track. I spent a lot of money on it but I was really happy with the results so in the end it was all worth it. I want to insist that this was my personal experience and this were the products that worked (and still work) on me, but I'm not saying these are miraculous products and maybe they don't work the same on everyone. If you decide to use them I'll advise you to talk to your hairdresser or doctor and see what they recommend you.

Well that was everything. I know that it's a really looong post but I hope it helps somebody who might be struggling with hair loss or hair problems of any kind. If you want to share your experience, the products that worked for you or you have any questions please tell me in the comments. Kisses!

Shimmer Brick in Nectar by Bobbi Brown // Review & Swatches // Reseña y Muestras

Happy Monday! Recently my mom purchased this gorgeous Shimmer Brick and before she started using it I took some photographs to make a complete review of it. Probably you've already heard about this product before since it's one of the most famous cosmetics produced by Bobbi Brown (with her eyeliners and concealers). Basically it's an hybrid between a powder highlighter and a blush/bronzer. It adds some color but what it really does is to add a lot of glow to the face in a natural way. What I like about it it's that is not too shimmery so the effect remains on the natural side which is great for when your skin is looking dull and you need some glow, but you don't want to look like a christmas tree full of shimmer everywhere!
There are different colors available but my mom uses bronzer so she wanted a pop of color on her cheeks and Nectar was the perfect match to her skin. It is a peach shade with golden undertones that also can be used as an eyeshadow. The cons... it's expensive, 46€ is quite a big amount of money for a highlighter but it lasts for years (the girl from the counter said) and is a classic product that doesn't go out of fashion. Also each bar of the brick is put by hand so you must be careful with it because they can fall. If you buy it just have that in mind, keep it in horizontal position!
How to Use It: With a small blush brush, mix all the colors and apply it on the highest part of your cheeks and up to the browbone, like if you were drawing a big "C". Don't apply too much product at first so you can adjust the intensity of the shimmer.

Have you ever tried this product? Do you usually use highlighter? Tell me in the comments! Kisses
PS: If you're interested in it, you can get it here!
Shimmer Brick in Nectar by Bobbi Brown (comparison on my cheeks) // The Glow Lab

Awards & Golden Globes Look Resolution! // Premios y Look Elegido de los Globos de Oro!

Weekend is just around the corner so to celebrate it I'm doing an award post with all the awards I've been nominated lately! I am so so grateful for them, they just make me keep going with the blog and try to make better content day after day.
Also, before I start with the awards I wanted to announce that the Golden Globes Winner Look is Emma Stone! So stay tuned next week because I'll upload the makeup, a step by step guide and products list to make it. Thank you to all of you who voted and commented, I really hope this turns out well so you are all happy with the result :)
And now, let's go back to the awards!

Hailey from Hailey's Workshop (click on the name to see her lovely blog!) nominated me to a Liebster Award. Here are the rules:
· Thank and link the person who has nominated you (follow his or her blog also).
· Answer the questions given by the nominator.
· Nominate 5, 11 or 20 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them.
· Create 11 new question for the nominees to answer.
· Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.
And here are the Questions & Answers to Hailey:
What is your favorite ice-cream flavour? Thats a difficult one because it usually depends on my mood but if I have to choose one, I really like Chunky Monkey from Ben&Jerry's
Do you have any pets? Yeees, a little chihuahua that I love! (You can see her on my instagram account)
How did you come up with your blog's name? Glow is a word whose meaning I love, like when you're glowing is because you feel good and happy and that's a feeling I wanted to communicate through my blog. Lab came after it because I like to think that behind makeup there's a lot of chemistry, research and some "secret" formulas that need to be done and I think there's something special about it. Also I love how the laboratories look (clean and bright).
So I mixed both words and created "The Glow Lab" as a space similar to a laboratory where I can share tips, tricks, formulas and other secrets to help you glow and feel good.
What is the one thing you won't leave home without? My phone! I always check it's in my bag.
How many continents have you been to? Europe and America (North America more specifically)
Favourite Book? The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet
Tea or Coffee? Coffee with a bit of milk and sugar.
Are you an introvert, extrovert or a bit of both? I think I am more extrovert than introvert.
What do you enjoy most about blogging? Feeling part of a community and share my passion with other people. Also reading through your comments and see your opinions and advice.
Does it snow where you live? Not really, maybe some winters...but it's not very common.
Where are you writing these answers? On my desk in my laptop.
Marely from Miss Meeow (link to her blog on the name), Mónica from El Rincón de Mónica (link on her name) and Owl Makeup nominated me to the Dardos Award. What is it about? Well it's an award given between bloggers that recognizes the dedication, creativity and the effort to maintain a blog.
Dardos Award Rules:
· Mention and link the person who nominated you.
· Put the image of this award on your blog.
· Give this award to another 15 bloggers.
· Add a quote that has a special meaning for you.
My Quote: "Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations"

And now my nominees for the Liebster Award are: Hannah Butterworth, Miss Lauren Morgan, Eilean Circle, Beauty with Charlotte & Shinkusara.

And these are my 11 Questions for them:

1. Do you prefer to go to the beach or the mountain?
2. Who is your favorite clothes designer?
3. Which TV shows do you watch?
4. Do you prefer sweet or salty food?
5. Which is the last country you've visited?
6. Do you have any favorite song?
7. Which is your favorite makeup product?
8. What book are you reading right now?
9. Do you practice any specific sport?
10. Which is your favorite flower?
11. How did you choose your blog's name?

And now my nominees for the Dardos Award: Hi, my name is Judit // Cris Is Beauty // Le Petit Armoire de Mode // MR's BB World // And anyone who wants to make it actually!
Again thank you all for your nominations and I hope you've enjoyed all my answers! Kisses!

My Everyday Look // Mi Look de Diario

Morning beauties! In this post I'll show you the eye makeup I wear the most on a daily basis. It's super easy to make so it's perfect  for an everyday look when you don't want to spend too much time getting yourself ready to work. This is the step by step guide of how I create this look:

1. Apply the Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base by Nars all over the upper lid (up to the browbone) and on the inner corner of the eye. I distribute it with my own finger and then wait a bit until it dries completely.

2. With a big fluffy eyeshadow brush (213 by Kiko), I apply the microsadow in Desert by MUS again all over the eyelid so I even out my skintone and create a perfect base for the next eyeshadows.

3. Again, using my fingers, I apply on the center of the lid the Color Tattoo shadow by Maybelline, to add some shine to the eye. I make sure that it's well blended.

4. With the same fluffy brush I apply Hustle (dark brown) eyeshadow from UD's Naked palette just on the outer corner of the eye to add some depth and dimension to the look. I blend it following the crease of the eye.

5. I draw a subtle cat eye with NYX's eyeliner, just a thin line, very close to the top lashes.

6. Next, the eyebrows. I define them a bit with the pencil by L'Oréal. Not too much, just enough to make them look clean and combed.

7. With the same brow pencil I draw a small line from the outer corner up to the middle lower lash line to open up the eyes.

8. I add two coats of mascara to my lashes using Passioneyes duo by Dolce & Gabbana (It's so easy to remove at only need some water!)

9. Finally with the Concealer brush by Beter I draw a triangle under my eyes with the Pro Longwear concealer by M·A·C and then I blend it with the 224 brush.

* I've added a tweezer because before doing my makeup I always check out that my brow shape is even.

Everyday Look // The Glow Lab

Everyday Look Products // The Glow Lab

List Of Products

Microshadow in Desert by Make Up Store (16,30 €) You can find its review here.

Felt Tip Liner by NYX (9,50 $) Not available in Spain yet, I bought it in Germany.

Top 5 Golden Globes Beauty Looks - Vote for your favorite and I'll recreate it! // Los 5 Mejores Looks de Belleza de los Globos de Oro - Vota tu Favorito y lo Recrearé!

Yesterday the Golden Globes Awards took place and for me is almost mandatory to check out all the looks from the red carpet and choose which ones are my favorites to take notes and try to recreate them. I have a proposal for you: Vote for your favorite among these 5, and I'll recreate it here (or at least I'll try) to give you a full step by step guide on how to achieve it!

On the side bar of the blog I'll add a small survey where you can vote (I'll leave it for three days and then I'll announce the winner and recreate her look). I hope you like the idea and participate!

These are my Top 5 looks from the Golden Globes '15 edition:

1. Jessica Chastain: Her smoky eyes with a golden touch plus her strawberry blonde hair with old hollywood waves was one of my fave combos of the night.

2. Allison Williams: Her fake bob was perfection, her smoky eyes was sultry and sexy and her red Armani dress was my favorite of all. Pure glamour!

3. Emma Stone: Apart from her amazing Lanvin pants with her big bow train, her blue cat eyes plus those bright pink lips made her look young and fresh on the red carpet.

4. Jennifer Lopez: Seriously, does she even age?! Her body and hair are to die for! Maybe the dress and the super smoky eyes were too much for some people but I like people that takes risks.

5. Diane Kruger: Her style is impeccable and her soft and romantic makeup in pink was flawless.

Fave Plum Lips Combo // Labios Ciruela: Mi Combinación Favorita

Happy Monday! I hope you're having a great kick off the week! Sorry for being absent during the weekend but I had a meeting with my friends from university and it has been impossible to check the blog out. I promise I'll answer all your comments and check out all your bloghs right away!

Today I bring you my favorite plum lips combo. I've been wearing it a lot this winter season and I think is a great lip shade for this darker months. As you can see from other posts I really like to wear bold colors on my lips but until this year I've never worn deeper shades apart from red. This lipshade isn't exactly a purplish plum but still looks like the fruit ;)

The original lipstick I wear has a matte finish but when my lips aren't in its best shape I put on my fave lipglass from M·A·C for a glossy finish that conceals my dry winter lips.

These are the products I'm wearing so you can get the same look:
Lipstick in Fashion Revival by M·A·C (19,50 €) (It was a limited edition, but Rebel is very similar)

Do you wear this kind of shades for winter? Which is your favourite dark lipstick combo? Kisses!

Brush Accesories by Burlesque // Accesorios para los Pinceles de Burlesque

Here it goes the first review from the presents I got :) These two products are accesories for your makeup brushes which will help you taking care of them. They're from a shop in Madrid called Burlesque. They have their own line of products and I must say that I'm impressed by it. They don't have an online shop but you can buy their products by sending them an email through their Facebook (click on the name for the link).

1. Podium Burlesque (19,50 €)

This podium will help you dry your brushes while keeping their shape intact. By putting them downwards, the shape of the hair doesn't become squished by anything and the glue doesn't get wet (so it prevents your brushes from any fall out). It has space for 28 brushes that you hold by putting them through its silicone covered holes. It can be disassembled for an easier storage when your brushes are dried. If you prefer, you can turn the top around and use it as a regular brush holder. It's a dupe for the Benjabelle Brush Tree but less expensive, the one from Benajbelle is almost 35$.

  Brush Podium by Burlesque
2. Silicone Glove Burlesque (12,50 €)

This glove will help you cleaning your brushes without harming them. Also you don't get your hand wet and you can clean up more than one brush at once so you won't spend the whole afternoon cleaning all your brushes. Its gentle texture is designed to remove the dirt from inside the brushes and drain them before putting them to dry. It's super easy to use and gentle with your brushes. It's very similar to the Spa glove by Sigma but way cheaper (the one from sigma is 39 €)

One side is for face brushes and the other for eyes brushes, while the area between the fingers is for giving the final shape to the brush before drying it. In the pictures I'll show you each different texture so you'll se what is it for. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube about how to use it, just type "cleaning glove" and you'll find them :) Apart from that, here's a small guide:


1. Wash: add some neutral soap and water to the glove and swirl your brush over the 'Wash' texture to deep clean it.

2. Rinse: Place the brush under running water and sweep it across the 'Rinse' texture section to remove the soap and the dirt from the brush.

3. Refine: Swirl again your brush over the 'Refine' texture for an extra cleaning.

4. Rinse: Put your rush again under running water and sweep it over the 'Rinse' texture.

5. Shape: Reshape your brush bristles by placing the top part of the brush between the fingers in the 'Shape' area. Squeeze it to remove excess water and give some shape.

  Silicone Glove (Face Side Details) by Burlesque

  Silicone Glove (Eyes Side Details) by Burlesque

TOP 5 Low Cost Mascaras // TOP 5 Máscaras de Pestañas Low Cost

During the holidays my cousin asked me which low cost mascara could she buy for everyday use so I did a research with the ones I own and other ones I've used in the past and these are my top 5 favorite mascaras which won't break your budget:

1. The Cheapest Option: Lash Princess by Essence (4,19 €)

Essence makes great products at really low prices. This is one of their most recent products, its nice packaging contains a lovely mascara which elongates and adds volume to your lashes.
2. For Extra Volume: Volume Glamour Push Up by Bourjois (14 €)

This one from Bourjois is the best choice to add a lot of volume to your lashes. You have to be careful because it tends to get too much product on the comb, so before applying it on your lashes make sure that you take out all the excess. Below you can see a before/after picture of my lashes:

3. For Longer Lashes: Miss Manga by L'Oréal (7,46 €)

If you like the babydoll effect on your lashes (long and separated) this mascara is for you. You can use it on your upper and lower lashes to intensify the effect of bigger eyes.

4. The Classic: Great Lash by Maybelline (5,99 €)

This mascara is a best seller all around the world (1 tube is sold every 1,7 seconds, over 20M each year!). Its effect is really natural, it curves and elongates the lashes, apart from make them darker.

5. For Sensitive Eyes: Respectissime Extension by La Roche-Posay (15,60 €)

If your eyes are sensitive or get irritated easily, try this mascara and probably you won't be disappointed. They'll make your lashes appear fuller and longer while respecting your eyes. Plus you also have the waterproof version.

If you have any questions regarding beauty and cosmetics don't doubt to send me an email and I'll answer them! I'm eager to help you in anything I can. Here's my mail:

P.S: Cris, I hope that this will help you choose your mascara ;)

Christmas Gifts & Instagram // Regalos de Navidad e Instagram

This is the first day after holidays and I'm so sad they're already over! Time goes by so fast! On the 6th of January, in Spain we celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men, and that's the day when we usually get the presents. This is a small preview of some of the ones I've received and I'll do a full review of each of them in the next days since I've to try them first!

By the way! I've just joined Instagram as marta_tgl (click on the name to get the link to the profile). If you have Instagram and you would like to follow each other, please leave the link in the comments section of this post. I'm willing to discover new accounts and get some inspiration :)

If you're going today to the sales (like me) I wish you luck and that you can find everything you want! Kisses!

From left to right: Nail Colour Remover by Chanel, Ombre Matte in 04 Rosewood by Clarins (both are from my Mom but I'll use them too), Nail Lacquer in 104 Honey by Dolce & Gabbana, Brushes Pro 43, Pro 62 and Pro 39, Glove to clean Brushes and Makeup Brush Tree all by Burlesque.


Este es el primer día post-vacaciones y estoy tan triste de que se hayan acabado. ¡El tiempo pasa volando! El día 6 de Enero celebramos la llegada de los Reyes Magos, ése es el día en el que solemos recibir los regalos. Os dejo con un pequeño avance de algunos de los que he recibido e iré haciendo reseñas más completas de cada uno de ellos en los próximos días, ¡primero los tengo que probar!

¡Por cierto! Me he unido a Instagram como marta_tgl (click en el nombre para el link al perfil). Si tenéis Instagram y queréis que nos sigamos, porfa dejarme el link en los comentarios de este post. ¡Estoy buscando nuevas cuentas para inspirarme! :)

Si hoy vais a las rebajas (como yo) os deseo suerte y que podáis encontrar todo lo que queréis. Besos!

I-Divine Palette in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek // Review & Looks

Yesterday I tried for the first time this palette by Sleek that I got about one month ago so today I bring you a review of it with the impressions I got because I think it's a nice palette to create bolder looks without paying a fortune. I don't wear this kind of colors on a daily basis but I think is fun to have them, so whenever I feel creative I can upgrade any look and go totally crazy with it without spending too much on neon eyeshadows that I wouldn't use that much.
The I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek comes with 12 different shadows, all of them with a matte finish (as the name says). 9 of them are bright and colorful while 3 of them have pastel tones (grey, pink and white). Here's a description of each (from left to right, top row first):
Chill: An aqua blue which can be worn as an everyday shade. Good to create transitions.
Pout: A bright pink with red undertones. Actually my favorite from the palette.
Sugarlite: Deep purple with a bit of fallout. Looks great combined with Pout.
Dragon Fly: A dark forest green. It also had some fallout when applied without a base.
Pucker: This pink is more like a Barbie pink. Bright and smooth.
Bamm!: A bright yellow which also has a smooth texture. Looks great combined with green and blue.
Cricket: This one is a grass green. This one was a bit chalkier but performed great in the eye makeup.
Bolt: A deep bright blue with minor fallout. I like to use this color to add depth to colorful looks.
Strike: Another favorite of mine, this bright orange was really smooth and blendable.
Floss: This pastel pink could be used as a transition shade, but I would have prefer something more vibrant or shimmery instead of this one.
Crete: Not so pigmented as it looks in the palette. I have the same feeling with this grey than with Floss. Probably I would have changed this one for a rich dark matte black.
Pow: I used this white shade to highlight but still I miss some more pigment in it.
On the hand I swatched them without any kind of base and some of them look chalky, but for the eye makeup I used Essence's Colour Arts Eye Base and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and they lasted all day long without any fading or fallout. I am really happy of how well they performed throughout the day and while I applied them without having to wipe off falling eyeshadow from the underye area.
It has a great value, just 10 € for twelve eyeshadows looks like a great deal to me. It's small and compact, with a sleek black packaging, perfect to take it with you anywhere you want. The only thing I didn't like was the sponge brush that comes with it, I rarely use them since I prefer normal brushes.
I have created two different makeups so you can see how they look when applied together. The first one is a bit more complex and I used Bamm, Dragon Fly, Cricket, Bolt and Pow for it. The second one is an easy colorful smokey eye that I made with just Pout and Sugarlite.
I hope you like them! Do you own this palette? Would you wear this kind of looks? Do you like bright colors for eye makeup? Tell me in the comments :) Kisses!

I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek

I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek: Brush detail

I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek

I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek: Chill, Pout, Sugarlite & Dragon Fly

 I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek: Pucker, Bamm!, Cricket & Bolt

I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek: Strike, Floss, Crete & Pow

I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek // Eye makeup by The Glow Lab

I-Divine in Ultra Matte V1 by Sleek // Eye makeup by The Glow Lab