Cult Gaia - Ark Bag // The affordable must-have that has taken social media by storm

I am sure that by now you have probably seen more than one blogger, influencer, it-girl (you name it) carrying one of these beautiful bags. Luckily for you, this time around, the it-bag of the season is budget friendly with a 128$ tag. 

If you want to to get the Ark Bag by Cult Gaia you´d better run! It has been previously sold out and by the end of last year, it accumulated more than 1.800 preorders on the brand´s website.

Wondering what´s the reason behind that unusual shape and material? Cult Gaia's founder and CEO, Jasmin Lorian told to Who What Wear Australia the inspiration for the bamboo bag: "It´s a reproduction of a Japanese bag that was popular in the 40's".

So what are you waiting for to add this beauty to your wardrobe? Would you fall into the latest trend?Check the gallery below to get some inspiration on how to style it!

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