Nude Lips - How To // Tutorial - Labios Nude

I haven't made a specific lip post in a while and yesterday I decided to make a new one. This time, instead of using bold colors I created a nude lip inspired by Kylie Jenner and the 90's. If you want to know how to get these lips and the products I've used, just keep reading!

1. First, line your lips with the Lip Pencil in Soar by M·A·C. To create a "fuller lips" effect you can slighly overdraw your lips and make a rounded cupid's bow. 

2. With the same lip pencil fill 2/3 of the lips, leaving the inner part untouched. Then apply the lipstick in the color Twig by M·A·C

3. To add more dimension to the look I dabbed a lighter nude lipstick in the center of the lips. I used Honolulu Honey's Lipstick by NARS but you can even use some concealer to get the same effect. 

4. To finish the look, add a high shine lipgloss just on the center of the lips. I applied Dior Addict Lip Maximizer which doesn't leave any sticky feeling and it's supposed to plump your lips and give them even more volume! 

Just follow these four easy steps and you're done! I really like to wear this lip combo when I'm wearing bolder eye looks. I hope you like it as much as I do. Kisses!

PS. Tomorrow I'll answer all the comments since these past weeks I almost haven't had time to do anything. I don't want you to think that I've forgotten you!

Finished Products of March

BB Cream Oil Free by Garnier (7,99€): It's a classic in my stash already. I've probably used more than four tubes already and I always buy a new one. It works great with my skin, but only this version (the one for oily and combination skin types), the classic one just doesn't settle on my skin and moves all around. It has medium coverage so if you're looking for a light tough of color this one is definitely not for you. I use it instead of foundation since it's way cheaper and makes my skin look great without effort. I apply it with the stippling brush from Real Techniques and blends really well with my skin so probably for darker skintones this color is a bit too fair. I totally recommend this product, just find the version that works best for your skin type and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. Of course when I run out of the next tube I'll buy another one!

Skin Natural BB Eyes Roll On by Garnier (5,95€): It has been my go to concealer on an everyday basis whenever I was in a rush but it was really old (it probably has 2+ years! I know I should be ashamed!) and I thought that it was time to change it for the new version. It's a product that lasts for ages, seriously! I was amazed of how much product fitted into such a small bottle like this one. I applied it over my dark circles and around the nose area (where I have some redness) and it blended seamlessly with my skin. I've bought the new version and the color is darker and doesn't match my skin as well as this one so probably I won't be able to use it alone for a quick touch up. I'll make a review soon with a comparison between the old and the new version so you'll ble able to see the differences but for now I'll just say that I wish they have kept the old version...

Smoky Lash Mascara by Make Up Forever (23$): I bought this mascara after getting tored of using the Diorshow one. It's a lovely product that elongates and curves the lashes, it doesn't leave your lashes crunchy and it doesn't flake (at least on me). Overall I would say it's a great mascara but I'm still trying to find THE ONE. I won't be buying it again at least for now since it is pretty expensive and I have another ones to finish, but in the future I'll probably end up buying another tube since I was happy of how my lashes looked with it.

Rice Scrub by Rituals (10€): I got this as a sample with Glamour magazine and I fell in love with it! It has a nice, fresh scent, not too sweet so I feel it's a great product to take it with you and use it while you shower. It has small microcapsules that gently exfoliate your skin without being too harsh. That makes it the perfect body exfoliant to use more than once a week, it's even appropriate for sensitive skins! I'll probably buy the full size bottle the next time I visit one of their shops.

Powder Blush in Mauve by NYX // Full Review & Swatches

Since NYX has been discontinued from many many stores in Spain, I grabbed this blush with a 50% off (it usually costs 5$). I wanted something subtle and natural and this color seemed to have both characteristics. 

As you can see on the pictures is a muted pink with a matte finish, which is perfect when you don't want an extra touch of shine on your face. It's not highly pigmented so you have to modulate its color by applying more than one layer. To get the color on my hand I applied exactly 3 layers.

I've made a swatch with two other blushes, Orgasm by Nars and Coralista by Benefit, so you can see how matte this color is and how natural it looks next to two coral colors. 

It has a soft texture and is easy to blend on the skin, that makes it really easy to apply without going overboard. I think is a great shade for very fair to medium skin tones, it will help you to achieve a healthy natural look, perfect for an everyday makeup

It stays on me around seven hours (with foundation underneath) which is a great amount of time. The package isn't luxurious at all but is nice for its cost. Still I think that if you drop it it will break so you better be careful with it. 

Well that was all about the Powder Blush in Mauve by NYX! Do you have any blush from this brand? Have you tried this color or something similar? Which is your go to blush shade? Kisses!

Cut Crease Makeup Look

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this look yesterday. It's my first attempt ever on a cut crease makeup look and even though I know that I have to improve a lot, I was quite happy with how it turned out.

I was browsing through Pinterest and saw some looks made with this technique si I decided to give it a try, but it turned out to be harder than expected. Next time I'll make the flick on the end a bit higher to open up the eyes more. Anyway, here are the products I used to get this look:


Eyebrow Pencil in 2 by Yves Saint Laurent



PS. As always, click on the product's name if you want to buy it.

I hope you like the look! I'll try to make a full tutorial when I'm more confident with this technique. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! Kisses 

Studio Fix Foundation by M·A·C // Full Review

The last time I visited a M·A·C counter, I received a small sample of their Studio Fix Foundation that I was willing to try. They gave me the shade NC20 which was an almost perfect match.

It's a liquid foundation but with some consistency so it's easy to apply with a brush like the Stippling brush from Real Techniques. It has a medium to almost full coverage, if you build up the product you will cover practically any pimple or dark circles you have. Still if you want to fully cover any imperfection you may need an extra touch of concealer. 

It has a matte finish that looks beautiful on pictures but if you have some dry patches it may enhace them. If you have normal to combination skin it will look great on you. It doesn't look cakey if you apply thin layers and after some hours it sill looks great with no shine or oxidization around.

Its costs 30,50  which is an ok price for this foundation. Not extremely expensive yet not too cheap which is the cost I expect from M·A·C  products. I did like it, but I had the feeling that it was a bit drying for my skin and enhaced some skin imperfection. I'll try another foundations from M·A·C before I pick one to see if there are any other formulas that adapt best to my skin.


- Great coverage without feeling a mask on your skin.

- A wide range of colors available.

- Easy to apply, you don't need too much product to cover your entire face.

- Its lasts for more than 8 hours without moving.

- Photographs beautifully.


- A bit drying.

- It enhances skin texture imperfections.