Giambattista Valli & M·A·C for S/S '15

Good and cold afternoon to everyone :) With such low temperatures here in Spain I am missing the warm weather of summer like crazy! So for making the waiting time a bit more entertaining, I've started looking for the next season's collections and this collaboration between the designer Giambattista Valli and M·A·C has just stolen my heart! I love these lipstick hues and the ombré effect they create when they're put together like in the picture. They remind me a lot to the infamous couture dress by Valli that Lena Dunham wore to the Emmys last year (the one shown in the picture).
We won't be able to get them until next summer but we can already see that the shades go from pale pink to dark plum with apricot, fuchsia and red between them. They will have matt finish and will come with matching lipglosses for those who prefer their lips with a bit of shine.
"I'm very well known for dresses, no? And I thought it was very nice, the idea of dressing your lips," Valli said. Well, I can't wait to dress my lips next summer with these lipsticks!
Are you already looking for new collections? Would you wear these hues? Tell me in the comments :)

Beauty Gift Guide // Under 20 €

Hello everybody! I hope you had a wonderful Black Friday and that if you went shopping, you could find everything you wanted without fighting! As I said yesterday, here's the second part of the Beauty Gift Guide. In this one you can find gifts from 10 to 20 €.
My favorite one from this selection is the Core Collection by Real Techniques, their brushes are amazing and these will make a great gift to any makeup lover. Ruby Woo lipstick by M·A·C is a classic shade, perfect for anybody who likes to wear bold colors, but if you're buying a lipstick to someone who prefers nudes, choose Myth. For Alexa Chung's cateye fans, the liquid eyeliner by Eyeko will be the best option and for travellers the pencils from Urban Decay have the perfect size for bags and suitcases.
Which one is your favorite? Did you buy something in the Black Friday? Tell me in the comments! :)

1. Hair and Body Beauty Duo, by Orofluido (20,10 €)

2. Nordic Mini Collection, by O.P.I (12,90 €)

3. Twinkle Party False Lashes, by Eylure (9,99 €)

4. Core Collection, by Real Techniques (14, 50 €)

5. Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner by Alexa Chung, by Eyeko (16 €)

6a. Lipstick in Ruby Woo, by M·A·C (19,50 €)

6b. Lipstick in Myth, by M·A·C (19,50 €)

7. Sexy Lips & Lashes, by Too Faced (15 €)

8. Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set, by Urban Decay (19 €)

Beauty Gift Guide // Under 10 €

Hello everyone! Holidays are approaching and you are all probably thinking about what gifts will be the best option for your mum, your best friend, your cousin... Sometimes is really hard to choose since there are so many things available, so I made you a small selection for tight budgets. If they love beauty products but you don't want to spend more than 10 €, here's your list! By the way, they are also great stocking fillers ;)

PS. The next days I'm going to make more lists for 20, 30, 50 and +50. So stay updated!

1. Nail Lacquer in 240 Apple Red, by Kiko (2,90 €)

2. i-Divine Palette in Sunset, by Sleek (10 €)

3. Ornament Lip Gloss, by Sephora (5 €)

4. Wonder Stick, by NYX (12 €)

5. Queen Attitude Khôl Kajal, by Bourjois (10 E)

6. Santa's Lip Scrub, by Lush (8,50 €)

7. Colorful Nail File, by Sephora (2,50 €)

8. Blossom Hand Trio, by Cath Kidston (8,57 €)

9. Smart Lipstick in 908 True Red, by Kiko (2,50 €)

Body Wash and Body Lotion "Sugar Crush" by & Other Stories

For all of you who might haven't heard about it, & Other Stories is a clothes, accesories and beauty shop for women. It is owned by the H&M group and landed in Spain during the Spring in 2013. When I entered their shop in Barcelona, I couldn't imagine the amount of beauty products I was going to find. Soaps, creams, eyeshadows, nail lacquers, brushes... The wide range available pleasently surprised me, as well as the variety of colors and smells.

Furthermore, as its " big sister", cosmetics have a very affordable price. What makes it almost impossible not to be tempted to buy something . I bought a corrector palette, a brush and a contouring cream, which I will talk about in another post.

When I paid for all of the aboved, the salesgirl introduced in the bag two samples with travel size. A shower gel and body lotion with the name Sugar Crush. I usually keep this products for travelling (as the name suggests), but my curiosity about the brand made me use them as soon as I got home. The smell is like crushed brown sugar but it is accompanied by a citric scent that prevents it from being overly sweet.
The scent is intense while you are applying it, but when you come out of the shower it disappears. So, if you like that the scent lasts longer, this is not the right onw for you. If you really want the smell to remain on your skin, use the body lotion. It is very light and absorbs quickly so it is perfect to put on your clothes without having to wait for it to dry. For those of you who may have really dry skin I recommend you to look for another one.
Personally, I love the scent of this range and without any doubt I will buy them for future travels because they fit in any pocket of the suitcase. I think they are somehow different, away from conventional smell and their price is a point in their favor.


Get the Glow of Gisele, Karlie, Miranda... with Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty // Consigue el Brillo de Gisele, Karlie, Miranda... con Living Luminizer de RMS Beauty

These three supermodels share something else than Victoria's Secret wings (even though Miranda has already said godbye to them) and that is the light their faces irradiate that gives them an angelical aura. But is it possible to get it wihout their almost perfect genetics? The answer is yes!

The rest of us (mortals) are on a lucky streak! Because the secret product that makes that light possible is only to a click distance. The magic formula to emulate their glow is contained inside the Living Luminizer, by RMS Beauty (33,50 €). Its mix of mica (a high-shine pigment) with coconut oil, gives to the skin a very natural radiant look. Without having to use chemicals like petroleum oil to produce it.

The brand's philosophy is based on the use of organic, non toxic, ingredients and the application of a manufacturing process with very low temperatures so their natural properties remain intact. So apart from mica and coconut oil, in its formulation we can find beeswax, vitamin E (antioxidant) and rosemary (preservative).
To get the best results of it, apply it on the areas shown on the picture below with your fingers. This way it will melt with your skin because brushes sometimes leave unwanted marks. Apply it over your foundation as a finishing light touch or just with some concealer to have a quick good face effect.

* The product is available in the rms Beauty web. For Spain's residents: they don't ship to particulars, except business, so I recommend you to buy it in

5 Makeups for this Holidays. Part I For the Younger Ones / / 5 Maquillajes para estas Fiestas. Parte I Para las más Jóvenes / / Pictures + Products + Tips

The younger girls at home don't escape to the social events of the upcoming holidays. End of the semester dinners, going out at night during the time out of highschool or New Year's Eve party with friends. All of them require previous preparation, from outfit planning to makeup application. In this cases, the best option is not to wear too many products so they won't look like they've dressed up. If you have a young and fresk skin don't cover it up and just show off your best features. My recommendations in these cases are:

1. Use cream eyeshadows with metallic finishes. The are easy to apply, even with your fingers, they lighten up your eyes and they have better staying power than powder eyeshadows. 
2. Don't overdo the eyeliner, a line close to your top eyelashes is enough to give them volume and open your eyes.
3. Go bold with your eyelashes, choose a mascara that makes them longer and fuller. In this case I don't suggest to use false lashes since I think they're too dramatic for young girls. 
4. Forget about the foundation and use concelaer only where you need it. In case you have skin problems like acne or a scar, use the appropriate foundation for it. Use one as light as possible so it won't create a mask effect.
5. Give some light to your face with a highlighter. Apply it on the higher poins of your face, like in the top picture, specially on the cheekbones and the cupid's bow (lips).
6. Go light with the bronzer and the blush, there's no need to left your house looking like Heidi. The best is to get a natural finish, just like if we had sunbathed a bit and we have some healthy looking flush on our cheeks.
7. For the lips, the best choices are a gloss with some color in it or a lipstick in a natural shade like soft pink, coral or beige. 
8. The last step! If you are going out and you want your make up to last for hours, don't forget to use a setting spray. Personally, I prefer matte finishes so the shine of my face is under control.

I've chosen some products (very affordable ones!) to help you getting a similar look to the one shown in the picure. Again, in case you have any specific skin problem, I do recommend you to invest in a nice foundation that doesn't aggravate it and that covers all your face's needs.

1. Color Tattoo in 35 On and on Bronze, by Maybelline (7  €)
2. Eyeliner Retractable Waterproof in 01 Black, by Sephora (8,95 €)
3. Mascara Volume Glamour Push Up Effect, by Bourjois (14 €)
4. Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer, by Maybelline (8,50 €)
5. Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter, by Kiko (8,50 €)
6. Polvos Bronceadores Sun Club Matt, by Essence (5 €)
7. Blush in Dimity Pink, & Other Stories (12 €)
8. Makeup Setting Spray Matte Finish, by NYX (8 €)

Cracked Lips? Follow this guide to say goodbye to them // ¿Labios Agrietados? Sigue esta guía para despedirte de ellos.

When the cold arrives, skin dries and of course our lips can't escape to the low temperatures. They get chapped and flaky when exposed to the winter climate. All of it accompanied by an uncomfortable tightness feeling. We are moving our mouth 24h a day: we smile, talk, eat... That's why fixing a pair of cracked lips takes so long. If you follow these steps you will be able to recover them in a record time.
1. Apply lip balm all the time. In this way you'll avoid them to become dehydrated and the tightness of the skin will be reduced, so no more cracks will appear! Personally I prefer the ones with applicator so you don't need to use your fingers. With those I make sure that I avoid any kind of infection if I can't clean my hands while I am out of home.
2. Choose a balm with healing properties. One thick and viscuous rather than waxy so it will get in the cracks and fix them. Look for an hydrating formula that contains ingredients like vaseline (petrolatum), shea butter, hyaluronic acid or dimethicone.
3. Don't forget to apply lip balm after brushing your teeth and/or washing your face. Toothpaste and soap contain ingredients that affect your mouths's pH and can be the cause of your mouth dryness. 
4. Get rid of any loose or dead skin but do it very gently. Exfoliate your lips with an specific product or by rubbing a soft toothbrush. Don't over-exfoliate because you can inflame your lips and aggravate the situation.
5. The last one, an easy and foolprod home remedy: olive oil. If you don't have lip balm at home, soak a Q-tip or a small piece of cotton in oil and apply it over the lips until they absorb it. An alternative to olive oil is coconut oil.

*At the end of the post you can find the list of products.

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