Brow Gels Guide & Comparison

So as you might have seen from other posts, I like to take care of my eyebrows. I don't know why but I like them to stay in place all day so I've been using brow gel for many many years now. My brows have been from very thin to thick and natural but I've always used a gel to keep them groomed.

I've tried a lot of them and I wanted to make a small guide and comparison to help you choose which one will be the best option for you the next time you go to a beauty counter! The list goes in descending order from my top favorite to the least one.

1. Brow Gel by Nars 

My favorite, yet the most expensive one :( I really like this one, it has a strong hold, keeps my eyebrows in place all day long and dries to a natural finish. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling even though if you touch your brows you can fell it's there. It has a small sized classic groupillon and is super easy to shape your brows with it. There's also three different colors available, apart from the clear gel, which help to define a bit more the brows. The only downside of this product is that you have to wipe the wand off to avoid getting too much gel on the brows.


2. Speed Brow by Benefit 

After Nars this is my second favorite. It also makes my brows stay in place all day and its small brush makes the application really easy. This one doesn't have the "too much product on the brush" problem but (an here comes the reason why it's not my favorite) it finish up really soon. Seriously sometimes I think some bushy brows fairy comes at night and uses it while I sleep! And since it's so expensive, I don't like to repurchase this so often and splurge so much money on a brow gel almost every month. That's why I have tried so many different ones. Still I totally recommend it if you don't mind to repurchase it often. Also is the perfect size to carry it in your bag and the packaging is the cutest one of the seven gels (as always happens with Benefit's products).


3. Lash & Brow Gel Mascara by Essence 

This is the cheapest option of the bunch. Is an ok product, not my favorite but good enough for its price. It has a classic groupillon that can be used on brows or eyelashes. It doesn't curve my lashes and since it doesn't have color I just use it for my brows. You should be careful since there's a lot of product on the brush and you may end up with gel all around the brows area. It's not a super strong hold but it has a natural (not shiny) finish that you might like if you just need a little help to groom your brows and set any other product you may have used on them like a pencil or powder. This one is my favorite low cost gel.


4. Brow Drama Mascara (clear gel) by Maybelline

I've tried their color version twice on the shop and ended up buying the clear option since I already have bushy brows, but it turned out to be a bad decision. While the colored version did fix my brows, the clear gel is not strong enough (at least for my taste) and it doesn't hold my brows in place for more than two hours. After that time I can no longer feel the product on the small hairs. If you want to try this one I advise you to choose the color that matches your hair since it will give you the illusion of bolder brows and will help you to keep them in place.

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